Drafting Services in Melbourne & We Know the Local Melbourne Council Requirements

Are you having trouble finding a trustworthy company that provides architectural services in Melbourne? You don’t have to worry. Michael is an architectural draftsman who owns Jewels Developments. He is also qualified as a carpenter and works with reliable professionals. Over 20 years of experience have seen us build many homes and commercial buildings. Our skilled and experienced staff can assist you in all aspects of drafting.

We are proud to help our clients realize their dreams. We can assist with home renovation, including second-story extensions or complex civil construction projects. We partner with clients to create unique spaces that reflect their style. Our projects are a testament to our dedication to clients and our unwavering commitment to quality. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Michael, our founder, leads Jewel Developments. We have maintained an excellent reputation as a trusted drafting company in Melbourne. We’re experts in many construction services, including renovations and new home build permits. We value quality more than quantity to satisfy your specific needs. Our in-house professionals work directly with customers to create a personalized home design. Jewel Developments has the highest quality drafting technicians available to offer expert guidance drafting services Melbourne.

Drafting Edge offers high-quality drafting services and building plans for renovations, extensions, and new builds in Melbourne. Drafting Edge is a one-stop shop for all things drafting. A skilled draftsperson and building design expert will listen to you, give expert advice, and manage every aspect of the drafting or design process.

Our drafting service philosophy is simple. We believe that building or renovating a home should be enjoyable and rewarding. Unfortunately, building projects are notorious for costly mistakes, long delays, and poor advice. This doesn’t need to be the case.

You will be given a detailed set of documents when your project is complete. These documents can be taken to any builder. You can browse some of the projects by our building designers.No matter whether you are looking for 3D images to convey your ideas or concept design drawings to help bring your vision to reality, our skilled artisans will deliver fast turnaround times and excellent quality services.

You can rely on our skilled drafters, familiar with Melbourne metro councils, to create your plans according to your brief and have them approved by your local council or a private certifier. Did you know that building approval does not only concern architecture? It involves more than just architecture. The outcome of the whole process will be better if you are more coordinated.

Designs are often made without considering the cost of building approval or building costs. Our drafters know local building regulations, planning, and building approval processes. We also have in-house town planners. Although every council is different, our over 25 years of experience dealing with boards means we genuinely know the process.

We have helped hundreds of people in Melbourne with their development applications, from small extensions and subdivisions to apartment blocks or commercial developments. Many people are unaware of the potential development possibilities on their land. Sometimes they are undercapitalised and sometimes overcapitalized because they do not know the rules. The result is lower profitability and lost opportunities.

We can customize each process to meet your needs, whether you need a simple renovation or add another story to house your growing family. Our team is known for its creativity, innovation, and outstanding craftsmanship, which adds value to our customers. This is our commitment to producing high-quality, affordable constructions that are unique in the market.

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