Great Tips for a Healthy Spine & Rest your spine in the right position when sleeping

Summer is almost over, and students across the country are getting ready to return to school. However, a return to education might also mean the return of back pain for some students. Back pain can result in severe pain and discomfort, making most everyday tasks like going to school painful. However, there are five ways to go back to school without back pain, such as practicing good posture, buying the right backpack, and more especialista en columna.

When your child is spending up to eight hours a day sitting at a desk, the way they sit matters to the health of their spine. Too many kids tend to slouch in their seats or sit with their shoulders rounded, putting unnecessary strain on the spine. Instead, encourage them to practice good posture when sitting by:

High school and college students must carry books from class to class, so your child likely spends most of their day wearing their backpack. Backpacks that do not fit well can put downward pressure on the lower back. When buying a backpack, choose one with padded straps and a waistband. The waistband helps balance the load equality across the shoulders and keeps the backpack from pulling on the back. Additionally, encourage your student to use both straps. Some kids like only to use one, which puts uneven pressure on the spine.

Flip-flops and Crocs might be the most popular shoes among students of all ages, but they are less than ideal to wear all day. Depending on the campus, high school or college students can walk many miles a day, and wearing the wrong shoes can put unneeded stress on the spine. Furthermore, flip-flops may cause a student to trip and fall, causing back pain. Instead, invest in a comfortable, supportive, and well-fighting sneaker for daily use.

Back pain is common among student-athletes, but your child does not have to forgo sports or exercise to maintain a healthy back. In fact, regular exercise may help them maintain a healthy weight, which is great for back health. When they do participate in sports or general exercise, they must adequately stretch and warm up first. Doing so may prevent strains and sprains.

Life can be hectic during the school year, but maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to your back health. Diets rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, helping prevent and manage back pain. Foods to include your child’s diet include greens, cherries, carrots, salmon, and watermelon. Instead of giving your child money to buy lunch food, pack them a healthy lunch.

While we all want the best for our children, sometimes back pain is unavoidable. However, your child might not know how to describe their pain. If this is the case, take our free online Pain Assessment Tool. Once you discover where the pain originates, find treatment options best for your student through our Treatment Finder.

Often times our patients are scared to schedule an initial consultation with a spinal specialist because they aren’t exactly sure what the appointment will entail. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to your health, but at Virginia Spine Institute we’re here to remove that fear! Here are some tips we’ve compiled to make your first appointment easy and stress-free.

Whether you’re walking for exercise or just to get where you’re going, the shoes you wear play an important role in supporting your lower back. Good shoes provide a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in alignment. For example, make sure the area of the shoe that fits the back of your heel is snug, but not overly tight. A good fit prevents over pronation or supination—or too much rolling of the foot to the outside or inside.

A good back massage has a number of therapeutic benefits, such as increasing blood flow, loosening tight muscles and connective tissues, and boosting feelings of relaxation. While a massage does not need to be vigorous to be soothing, some evidence suggests that a moderate-level massage offers more stress-relief benefits than a light-touch massage.


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