Getting familiar with your gun and how it works is essential. Many gun shops and firing ranges offer instructions on handling firearms safely. California requires that you prove you can safely handle firearms before buying them. You will want to practice with your new gun. You will become more proficient at shooting it the more you use it. It is a good habit to practice at your local firing range regularly.

You are investing when you buy a firearm. Protecting your investment is a must. Gunmetal can quickly rust, corrode or tarnish from environmental factors like dust and humidity. It is essential to clean your gunmetal every time you use it. It should be dried mossburg 940 immediately if it is wet outside.

Your firearm should not be stolen or accessed by anyone other than the owner. This can be done by keeping your firearm in a gun safe or vault. Perhaps you thought you wouldn’t own a gun. Maybe you remember firing your cousin’s shotgun at the farm twenty years ago and now want to refresh yourself before you take on the weighty responsibility of gun ownership.

Millions of people from all walks of society have bought firearms in record numbers. Even though rational people reject the culture war on this topic and recognize the importance of self-defense, even in an ‘advanced” society. For example, women, urbanites, and people of color are the fastest-growing groups of firearm owners.

No matter your political affiliation or background, everyone is welcome. We support responsible and modern gun ownership. We think that civil and political debates and communities will benefit if everyone has a basic understanding of firearms before they start arguing or fearing them. It’s not a matter of people becoming more comfortable with the rules. Still, the most experienced gun owners tend to be the most rigid about the rules because they understand this framework’s importance. Old timers will scream at new shooters when they see them wagging their barrels in the wrong direction.

You are responsible for ensuring that firearms are locked away from children and adults who might want them. There are approximately 1.7 million American children who live in homes that have unlocked, loaded firearms. There are serious legal consequences if you’re careless about a gun, such as leaving a loaded firearm where a child can reach it. Don’t worry if this is your first time shooting. Because you are a new customer, stores love you. Say that you are new to this and are looking for help.

Do not be afraid to visit a gun shop because of cultural differences. No matter how pride-flag-waving you are, even if you have a Bernie/Warren 2020 shirt, any business worth it’s salt will treat you the same way as a cowboy wearing an NRA hat. This is the norm for most legitimate businesses. If they don’t, say thank you and leave. You can also share your experience with review sites.

Buy something legitimately authenticated if you buy online. You can also sell guns online to other people (though this still requires a background check). Although there are many good people and great deals on those websites, you may not be able to spot the bad deals if you’re a beginner shooter. It’s usually too late once you realize it. Guns are subject to a lot of wear and tear.

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